Choosing Your Patio Furniture

Ask most folks where the heart of their house is, and they'll say the kitchen. It's where everybody gathers to snack, do homework, and to talk about their day. Even guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen! And just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, the patio is the backyard's. It's where people gather for cooking, relaxing and socializing. It makes sense then, to furnish it in a way that compliments the exterior of your house, fits the needs of your family and your own tastes, and welcomes guests for an outdoor gathering.

Furniture essentials include a nice dining table with comfortable chairs, and places to sit or lounge in comfort while enjoying warm summer breezes and sunny skies. Patio furniture selection can be tricky, because even if you're confident about your tastes, there is still the question of which material is best for your needs. A quick run-down of patio furniture materials can help make the decision a little easier:

Patio furniture constructed of wood is traditional and versatile. Cedar is a classic choice due to its natural weather resistant properties, but it's a soft wood, and won't stand up as well or as long as Teak, a hardwood used in the construction of boats and ships, which is naturally beautiful and also weather resistant.

Another classic and popular material for outdoor furniture is wicker. Not only is it beautiful, resilient and weatherproof, it's also relatively lightweight and easy to move around. Many wicker pieces are actually made of synthetic wicker and many are treated for UV resistance as well.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is versatile, stylish and easy to care for and is the most light-weight option. And lest aluminum patio furniture conjures up images of art deco 50's style tables and chairs, today's aluminum furniture is 'not your Grandma's' aluminum furniture!

Patio furniture made with wrought iron tends to be heavier than other choices, but is impervious to weather, long-lasting, and surprisingly versatile when it comes to style options (from traditional to modern).

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