Get inspired to transform your outdoor living space with these fabulous ideas from our expert designers. As the air turns cool and crisp, create your own elegant fall retreat that combines luxury and simplicity with a few great accessory ideas. Whether you’re looking to spend a relaxing evening with family or entertain a crowd, these style secrets will beckon you outdoors.




Fire Pits

As the night falls more quickly and evenings become cooler, set up a striking display with a one-of-a-kind fire pit. Summer Classics has a number of fire pits to fit your budget and space. Our designers love the Waterstone Fire Table made from a four-inch slab of granite. It features a hidden gas tank and an ignition switch to make it easier than ever to create the romantic glow of a fire in your outdoor space. Fire pits not only bring warmth to your outdoor space, but they are also designed to fade into the environment.

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Outdoor Pillows

When summer flowers begin to fade and the cool colors of fall emerge, swap out your pillows with autumn color schemes. Our designers like to select warm hues to match the changing of the leaves to revive the look of your furniture. With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, throw pillows not only add a nice accent to your outdoor room, but they also make your seating more comfortable.

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Set a festive scene with a variety of lanterns. Made from materials such as wire and reclaimed wood, lanterns come in many different sizes and styles. Stagger them on tabletops for a great centerpiece, dangle them from low hanging branches or simply place them on a side table or standing alone by your seating.




Add the warmth of fall color with an outdoor rug. Made from polypropylene, outdoor area rugs stand up to high traffic and the environment. They come in an assortment of colors and patterns so your choice of rug is a chance to establish the color scheme and feel of your outdoor space for fall. Use the rug to guide you in other accessory choices. Repeating a color or two in your cushions and other decorative pieces from your rug ties the entire design together.





Bring character to the outdoors with a vintage pottery planter that will last for years. Large containers are statement pieces when displayed on a table or used around the perimeter of the space. Our designers suggest that you replace your summer plantings with rosemary, which lasts all winter long and is great to use in the kitchen as well.



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Outdoor Throw Blankets

Stay cozy outdoors by wrapping up in one of our incredibly soft and durable throws. Not only do they freshen your outdoor living space with warm color, but they’ll keep you warm on those chilly autumn evenings.

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